Child custody battle: Atiku’s son backed by his mother, says ex-wife

Fatimo Bolori, the ex-wife of Aminu Abubakar, has blamed Titi Abubakar for the ongoing crisis in her family.

There has been a prolonged battle for the custody of their two children — Amirah and Aminu — since she divorced Aminu, son of Atiku Abubakar, former vice-president.

A magistrate court in Lagos recently granted her custody of one of the kids for ten days, after remanding Aminu for allegedly keeping the boy away from Bolori.

Speaking with PUNCH in an interview, Bolori said Titi is behind the controversy, saying “she wanted to punish me because I left her son”.

She said the former vice-president’s wife once ordered for her arrest when she went to her kids’ school, adding that “her son told me it was his mother who told him not to allow me to see my children.

“I blame his mother, Titi (for the controversy). She has been behind all these. She never wanted me to see my kids again,” she said.

“Her son would always hide whenever I asked to see the children. As a mother, apparently she got hurt because I left her son. I really understand her standpoint. She kept me away from my kids because she is a woman and she knew keeping me away would get to me.

“Her poor son just followed her and he just ended up messing himself up. Mothers are very strong in every family. Nobody can prevent a mother from seeing her kids.

“My ex-husband said nobody could fight them. He even said that to me before now. I even felt it was true at that time. Even my family, nobody was behind me in this fight. I fought him alone. But he fought me with his mother. I don’t think his father was with him.

“When I went to my kids’ school to get them, it was Titi that was even calling the DPO and telling him not to give me my kids and that he should arrest me. She wanted me to go down. She wanted to hurt me.

“When I had my kids in Saudi and Dubai, she was never there. Some mothers usually go and stay with their daughters law when they are having babies. She was never there for me. Now, all of a sudden, she wants to come and punish me with my kids.”

Bolori said she’s openly demanding for custody of the kids “because of what they are going through now”.

She added: “For it to happen this way, you should know that I have tried all the possible ways to do it in a peaceful way and in a solidarity manner.

“I am not sure his father will even blame me for taking this route. He knows that I have tried so much to get my kids. I don’t blame his father for everything that has happened.”

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