[VIDEO] Rumour of Ballistic Missiles Attack Sends American State of Hawaii Into Panics

An alert about an incoming ballistic missile sent Hawaii into panic for about 30 minutes on Saturday, until emergency officials announced that the message had been sent in error.

The alert, which was sent to cellphones, said there was a threat “inbound to Hawaii” and said residents should seek shelter. “This is not a drill,” it added.

Tensions between the Trump administration and nuclear-armed North Korea have increased over fears the regime in Pyongyang may be able to reach US territory with a nuclear-armed missile.

Hawaiian authorities have been preparing and testing early warning systems, and residents have been urged to make emergency plans.

See the video, courtesy, AFP:

Hawaii panics after false alert of incoming ballistic missile pic.twitter.com/sRmSQoKF3n

— AFP news agency (@AFP) January 14, 2018


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